Welcoming your Business to the Sharing Economy.

Airbnb Hosts love recommending the great local Businesses to their Guests and with over 100,000 Hosts across Australia (alone) that's a big opportunity for your business.

Until now there hasn't been a simple way for Hosts to connect with and recommend the local Businesses they love - it's why we built Roamlocal. ūüĎć

Roamlocal is a word-of-mouth mobile platform connecting Travellers to local Businesses through trusted recommendations by real Locals. Roamlocal is purposefully different and aims to deliver new customers, mature feedback and additional revenues through your doors.


  1. A Local nominates and connects your Business to Roamlocal
  2. Travellers visit, enjoy & spend money in your Business
  3. Travellers check-in, rate & provide private feedback


  • Tap into the large & significant Airbnb economy surrounding your great local Business.
  • Automatically receive new customers referred by Locals that love your Business.
  • Receive valuable feedback from real customers in a mature, balanced & private manner.

Connect with real Locals and prospering together.

Roamlocal builds stronger connections between Locals and their favourite community Businesses.

Nominated by a real Local keen to recommend and support your business, you'll receive great new customers, show them a great time, and enjoy being connected to the ever expanding Airbnb / Sharing Economy.

Rewarding Travellers



  • Neighbourhood tips
  • VIP / Chef's table
  • Tell a story


‚Äč‚ÄúCheck out Bluffs Point for great city views only the locals know about.‚ÄĚ

Pros / Cons

  • + Essentially free
  • - Requires time



  • Free XXX between 2-4pm
  • Happy Hour / Roamlocal special
  • 2 for 1 deal


“Receive a FREE muffin between
‚Äč2 - 4pm with a min $10 spend.‚ÄĚ

Pros / Cons

  • + Use existing stock
  • - Product has a cost



  • 5% off final bill
  • $10 off bill amount
  • $20 Exclusive Price


‚ÄúSpend $20 or more to receive 10% off your final bill amount.‚ÄĚ

Pros / Cons

  • + Easy to provide
  • - Costs real dollars

Common Questions

What is Roamlocal?
Roamlocal is a global, mobile first community marketplace connecting Travellers to the best Businesses, Places & Experiences thanks to authentic recommendations by real Locals.

At a nuts and bolts level, Roamlocal is a mobile app available on Apple & Android devices.
Word of mouth advice to great local Businesses is how the world SHOULD work. Roamlocal delivers on this ideal enabling your great customers to easily recommend you to others.
‚ÄčAdditionally, advertising is difficult and expensive for a small business. You NEVER need to worry about advertising on Roamlocal - just keep being awesome.
How does it work?
Firstly, let‚Äôs consider there are ‚ÄėTravellers‚Äô, ‚ÄėLocals‚Äô and ‚ÄėBusinesses‚Äô.
  1. A Local nominates your Business to join Roamlocal.
  2. Travellers visit, enjoy and spend money @ your Business - you provide a small reward.
  3. Travellers transact and can optionally provide feedback in a secure and private conversation with you.
What does it really cost?
No upfront costs ever - you just need to provide a simple incentive to entice a potential customer to visit. If your incentive is focussed on a unique experience (that costs time, not money) then Roamlocal is essentially free.
In these foundational days of Roamlocal we are focussed on delivering new revenues, valuable feedback and new customers through your doors.
If it's free, how do you make money?
In these early days we're simply building the community of Travellers, Locals & Businesses. We believe in a fair and balanced world where we are all rewarded for providing our recommendations.
We believe in a fair and balanced world where we are rewarded for providing our recommendations. Eventually the local Businesses you nominate will be verified onto the platform and when you recommend a Traveller visits them, we'll take a commission on that transaction and share that 50/50 with you, the local.
So in short, Roamlocal makes money when a Traveller visits your Business through a recommendation by a real Local. The good news for Businesses, you only reward us / pay a commission AFTER we've sent you a paying customer.

Connecting Travellers, Locals & Businesses.